While the pros and cons of a window in the bathroom are great, but finding the right bathroom remodeling contractor in Raleigh is even better!

The Pros and Cons of a Window in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any house and because of this it is also one of the most renovated rooms in a home. Many people believe than having a window in the showeris an absolute luxury. Others find it uncomfortable. The truth is it is a personal preference with pros and cons. Below are some of the pros and cons listed by homeowners on both sides of the coin.


Light. Since the bathtub and shower occupy a large portion of the wall space in a bathroom, having a window on that wall supplies natural light into the bathroom.

Energy Savings. Having natural light in a bathroom may save on electricity since no light fixtures have to be turned on during daylight hours.

Mildew. Natural light and fresh air eliminate mildew.

Ventilation. If the window opens, it can supply fresh air into the bathroom which will help with odors that are sometimes present in this room.

Space. Having a window in a room makes the room feel larger. This could especially help a very small bathroom.

Decor. Windows come in many shape and styles. The window selected can add to the overall style and decor of the bathroom.


Privacy. A large clear window is not a choice if you have neighbors. So a frosted, etched or glass block window would be needed to have privacy without needing a curtain.

Hard Water. The steam of the shower will condense on the window. If you have hard water this will cause hard water deposits to form on the window. Cleaning hard water deposits off glass is a difficult task.

Water Leaking. When a window is installed in a shower extra care must be taken to ensure the window is sealed properly to prevent water from leaking around the window. If water leaks into the wall it can ruin wallboard and cause mold.

Whether you are building a new bathroom or renovating an old one consider adding a window to the room to add wonderful light and style to the room. Call the experienced contractors at Express Baths to help you with your next bathroom project

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