When beginning the process of planning any renovation there are a number of things to consider.  There is no way to predict the exact cost of a renovation by the square footage of a room – especially in a bathroom.  Fixtures vary widely in price and can easily make even a simple renovation very expensive.  So as you begin your planning here are 5  items to think about:

1.  Budget.  What can you afford to spend?  This will be very important whether it is a DIY project or you use a contractor.  It helps with making decisions especially what materials to use.  Be sure to have a 10-20% buffer for problems that may present themselves once the renovation begins.  Also, when using a contractor, make sure any changes or deviations are in writing with a price attached.  Don’t let a contractor just say “we’ll take care of it” because you may be presented with a large bill at a later date that wasn’t planned.

2.  Quotes.  If you decide to use a contractor, shop for your contractor and get at least three quotes.   Get references.  Check the references and ask about problems with staying on schedule, cost overruns, quality of work, etc.  All those things add up to extra money and inconvenience for you.

3.  Where to splurge and where to save. Do you want high end fixtures?  Fancy tile work?  Multi-stream shower?  A stone tub?  You can splurge on those items, but where can you save?  There are many way you can save such as keeping the same footprint so no plumbing or electrical has to be moved, by using the luxury tile only as an accent or by doing some of the work yourself.  Splurging is fine, but stick to the budget or things can easily get out of control.

4.  Tub or No Tub.  Today’s bathroom renovations are removing the tub from Master Bathrooms.  Many people never take baths and that floor space can be used for other things (like a larger shower or storage).  Family homes are keeping tubs in secondary bathrooms to accommodate kids.  No tub in the Master Bath has not shown to affect the resale value of a house as long as there is a tub somewhere else in the house.

5.  Storage.  In an earlier time linen closets in the hallway were where linens and towels were stored.  In today’s homes, people want storage in the bathroom.  This can be accomplished in many ways:  cabinetry, shelving and closets.  Each has their pros and cons, but the floor space in the bathroom will help determine which is best.  But planning storage and counter space will add to the efficiency and functionality of the bathroom.

When remodeling a bathroom there are so many styles and items to think about.  Have the experts at Express Baths help you go over the options for your bathroom.


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