Should I Have a Bathtub or Shower?

When bathroom remodels are being planned, many people ask themselves if the bathtub is necessary. This all depends on your lifestyle.

Do You Take More Showers than Baths?

People often use the bathroom more than just to bathe, sometimes it is used just to relax a little while. Some enjoy a bath while others enjoy a long shower. This is always a personal preference.

Bathtub People

Taking a bath can be time consuming in itself. Often the tub gets a good scrub down before use. Then you have the time it takes to fill the tub. This can increase the time it actually takes to enjoy your bath in the tub.

Water Usage

We are all concerned about water usage now a days. There is a reason for Xeriscaping and low usage toilets and appliances. It takes about 70 gallons of water for a tub to fill. A long shower can use as little as 25 gallons.

Walk in Shower Benefits

Walk in showers offer many benefits over tub showers. Number one would be safety. Bathrooms can be wet and slippery. The last thing you need to worry about is stepping over a high tub wall. Walk in showers can provide you with grab bars and even shower benches to enjoy your relaxation even more.

Home Resale Value

Most homes now have at least two bathrooms. Having at least one tub is fine. This allows you to be able to convert one bathroom to have a walk in shower without affecting the value of your home. Having an all glass walk in shower can also help to open up the entire bathroom and give it more space.


Taking on a project like this requires people of different skill levels. Our skilled craftsmen will sit down with you to understand what you are looking for. Through design and budget we can give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Call or contact us for a no obligation free estimate. We will be glad to sit down with you and discuss your entire project and timeline. Express Baths and Glass uses the highest quality materials and paired with expert workmanship, you are guaranteed the best craftsmanship in Raleigh and surrounding areas. 

Efficiently & Professionally

Express Baths will complete the work efficiently and professionally using only the highest quality top brand bath products, and Express Baths guarantees the workmanship too.

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