Walk-in showers add more than just beauty to your bathroom. Installing a walk-in shower has many advantages. If you ever wanted a reason, here are some.

Right Size for Most Bathrooms

Walk-in do not really have size restrictions. They do not require the footprint size like used when a tub style shower is installed. Actually they can take up less space than a tub, if needed.


Because they are just walk-in they are safer than when a tub is installed. The last thing you need to be doing while having wet feet is to have to step over obstacles. Some can even be made so that someone can just wheel themselves in if need be. Some even install a bench since they are fully customizable.

Increase Home Value

Walk-in showers have that fully customized look that is elegant to match any style of bathroom it is being installed in. Even if you looking to list your property, they always look great in the photo shoots.


Due to their nature, they are completely and allow you to choose different tile patterns or other wall coverings like a stone pattern mixed in. They also give the appearance of a larger bathroom because of the high visibility all of the way through.

Taking on a project like this requires people of different skill levels. Our skilled craftsmen will sit down with you to understand what you are looking for. Through design and budget we can give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Call or contact us for a no obligation free estimate. We will be glad to sit down with you and discuss your entire project and timeline. Express Baths and Glass uses the highest quality materials and paired with expert workmanship, you are guaranteed the best craftsmanship in Raleigh and surrounding areas. 

Efficiently & Professionally

Express Baths will complete the work efficiently and professionally using only the highest quality top brand bath products, and Express Baths guarantees the workmanship too.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your bathroom remodel or custom designed bathroom and we will earn your trust, respect and referrals.

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