Bathroom remodeling projects are one of the most popular home remodeling projects taken on by homeowners. They are popular because of the relatively low cost compared to other projects like a kitchen remodel.


Like any other remodeling project, it all depends on how far you want to go with it. A simple project can be inexpensive and make a change to the bathroom’s aesthetics. A complete remodel of the bathroom can get a little costly, but will make a giant impact on the appearance of the bathroom.

Increase in Home’s Value

Either way you go with your bathroom remodel, you can increase value to your home. Just remember on how far you take your project. Just like if you want to sell your car, it would be easier to sell painted a regular color rather than something like the color orange. If you go too far off the norm you go might not get you the return you wanted.

How Much Exactly?

There is no fixed number on what the return is on a bathroom remodel, but it is widely said you can recover anywhere between 50% to a little over 60% of the project’s original cost.

Having a beautiful bathroom doesn’t have to be a headache that costs a lot of money. We work with you to give you the bathroom you want without all of the things normally associated with this type of project. The way we approach this is by sitting down with you to find out what your plans are and how we can work within your budget.

Call or contact us and we can meet in order to work with you throughout the entire project. We can give you example of past work and even give you recommendations for new ideas to bring your bathroom to life.

Efficiently & Professionally

Express Baths will complete the work efficiently and professionally using only the highest quality top brand bath products, and Express Baths guarantees the workmanship too.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your bathroom remodel or custom designed bathroom and we will earn your trust, respect and referrals.

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